Peroxy-acetic acid : A green oxidant

peroxy-acetic acid or per-acetic acid  CH3-C00 0H) available in 5% and 20% solution form is a very powerful green oxidant .

per-acetic acid finds extensive applications in almost all fields of dis-infection from poultry , dairy ,consumer health drinks, hospital floor cleaning to  dialysis instrument /machinery cleaning meeting highest standards of cleanliness . It is used extensively for surgical instruments-cleaning and disinfection .  Fresh vegetables are washed with dilute per-acetic acid sprays to make them germ free . Per-acetic acid is used for cleaning of  reactors  in industries where bacterial growth happens rapidly Biotech firms ,dairy industry  finds use for per-acetic acid  for   through cleaning of their reactors .

 specifications  5  % per-acetic acid      

1 Aspect


Clear colourless liquid

Typical  pungent odour

2 density 1.08-1.1 gm/cm3
3 peroxide content 22-25%
Per-acetic acid content 5% to 8%
Solubility Freely soluble  in water , alcohol and,ether


peracetic acid  30 lit can  with membrane lidperacetic acid can top view







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